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On his second voyage to the New World in 1493, Christopher Columbus encountered a very special corner of the Caribbean. Dozens of virtually untouched islands dotted the landscape – so many, as a matter of fact, that he let his imagination go a bit wild and named them Las Once Mil Las Virgins (the Virgin Islands) after the legendary St. Ursula, and the 11,000 virgins.


Road Town, Tortola

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With a population of over 23,000, Tortola is the BVI’s largest and most populated island and serves as the center of commerce and government for the islands. Tortola has lush green mountains at its center and velvety white beaches dotting its northern shoreline. Sage Mountain, with an elevation of 1,710 feet, is its highest point and features some of the dense tropical foliage that predominated when Columbus first came across these islands.

Located along the northern coast of the island you will find some of the best beaches the island has to offer. Some of which are the most popular and touristy beach of Cane Garden Bay, the harder to access but well worth the effort Smuggler's Bay, and the surf and party beach of Apple Bay along with many others.

Road Town, the capital is the seat of the BVI government and, over the past several years, has burgeoned into a bustling municipality with many shops, hotels, restaurants, two museums and several marinas.

Virgin Gorda

The Baths, Tortola

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With over 3,300 inhabitants, Virgin Gorda is the third largest and second most populated British Virgin Island. Christopher Columbus is said to have named the island Virgin Gorda or "The Fat Virgin", because the island's profile on the horizon looks like a fat woman lying on her side. The island is known for its crystalline beaches and its many upscale resorts, attracting boaters to the sheltered waters of North Sound and beautiful beaches of the Valley.

Huge granite boulders dot the area known as The Valley, located on the southwestern shore below Spanish Town there is a group of beaches, each beach is separated from the others by huge granite boulders. Here you can find the spectacular boulder formation known as "The Baths" with its secret caves and pools hidden amongst the giant boulders, it's the islands most famous attraction and a must see on your BVI luxury power yacht charter. The Copper Mine is also a popular site to see while on Virgin Gorda, the ruins chronicle the lives of the Cornish miners as they tunneled down and out to sea.

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke

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Located to the northwest of Tortola, Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four main islands has its own laid-back charm. Jost Van Dyke's namesake is a mystery to this day, there are rumors the island's name came from Joost van Dyk, a Dutch privateer who used to hideout in its harbours around the island, but there is nothing to support the claims.

The island has just a few hundred inhabitants but some spectacular beaches and a number of entertaining beach bars. Great Harbour, a small community hugging a half-moon beach is one of the busiest ports in the BVI, it has several good restaurants, most notably Foxy's Bar home to the Foxy's Old Year's Night or New Year's Eve party. Beautiful White Bay to its west has become popular with boaters and day trippers. Other popular destinations are at Little Harbour and Diamond Cay. The Soggy Dollar Bar with it's famous "Painkiller" drink is a great place to stop by on your BVI luxury catamaran charter as well.



Anegada is the BVI’s second largest island but also has one of the lowest populations. Anegada name means "the drowned land" because unlike the mountains on the BVI's other islands, Anegada's highest point is only 28 feet above sea level. Located about 20 miles to the northeast of Tortola, the sparsely populated isle is ringed by a swath of white sand that makes it a haven for beach lovers.

Anegada is the BVI's only coral atoll. Much of this low-lying island is surrounded by the extensive Horseshoe Reef, the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean and the fourth largest in the world. The island is also inhabited by fascinating fauna, including the Anegada Rock Iguana and the Roseate Flamingo. Guana Island also boast the Pink Roseate Flamingo.

In all, there are more than 40 islands, islets and cays in the British Virgin Islands. Some have just a hotel or beach bar and are linked to Tortola or Virgin Gorda by a ferry; others are uninhabited and can only be reached by a charter boat or private vessel. All add to the rich texture of this unique and lovely island chain and can best be experience with a Virgin Islands Luxury motor yacht charter.

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