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Power YachtsA motor yacht or power yacht is the ultimate in charter luxury. Most luxury power yachts will rival any 5 start resorts with the added benefits of changing scenery on a daily basis, setting activities to fit your schedule and deciding your cuisine.

Chartering your own private motor yacht is an unique experience when compared to the tranditional cruise. A power yacht is as spacious and you get to have a crew cater to your every needs. An abundance of water toys, world class cuisine prepared by trained chefs and doing so at your direction. A cruise ship will bring you to one of two islands on your vacation and at their schedule. On a private motor yacht charter you get to go to as many islands as you desire, time and weather permitting, and at your schedule.

Most power yachts have multiple decks so you can lose Power Yachtsyourself in the ultimate luxury and relaxation. Relax on deck reading a novel, or take a dip in the on deck jacuzzi. Power yacht vacations are a magnificent adventure and are available in many sizes and in many different locations.

Luxury Power Yachts

Depending on the size of your power yacht charter cost can range from $20,000 to $500,000 and upwards per week. Whilst a few power yacht are all inclusive many offer a plus expenses rate. This means that there is a base rate to charter the yacht but the guest will need to pay for all expenses, including fuel, food, docking etc. Expenses are usually estimate at about 30% of the base fee

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