#1 Starfire 178 ft

Motor Yacht Starfire at 178 foot is one of our industries top high-end luxury power yachts with a fine crew team. The captain clearly states that it is he who will meet his clients personally when they arrive at the airport. Genuinely treating guests as number one is what our industry is about. Captain Carl Sputh and his crew try to anticipate what the guests wish to do before they think of it, so that this crew team is one step ahead at all times. There are two highly qualified chefs on board and all they do each day is create delicacies for guests.

There are 6 super staterooms for guests. The master cabin has a sitting room type study, the California master bed is magnificent with a "his and her" bathroom. The sun deck has much to offer, a sun area, massage area, a Jacuzzi and the view from this height is magnificent. All the water gear guests ask for is carried on board with sea bobs, 2 jet ski’s we are set up ready for guests to enjoy a week on board. Here is a real world cruising vessel perfect for any private mega yacht charter.

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#2 Flow 59 ft

OH my gosh, this is a brand new catamaran just arrived in the Virgin Islands to serve 10 guests in magnificent cabins. The salon galley and the entire catamaran is super spectacular and has a clean polished feel to the entire catamaran, guests can see she is brand new. This gorgeous high-end brand new fly-bridge catamaran is run by one of the top 3 captain and chef teams in all of our industry. Electric toilets, a/c controlled and queen sized walk around beds in each cabin.

This couple believe that all guests must have an abundance of beverages and whatever they wish to enjoy as well. The top quality guests can expect. Look at their video and decide for yourself.

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#3 Zingara 78 ft

Zingara and her two sister catamarans Akasha and Kings Ransom are possibly the worlds most luxurious charter catamarans. At 78 feet they are not the largest but the most impressive I have boarded in 20 years old chartering. The design is way ahead of all other catamarans. All modern catamarans 58 feet and larger have fly-bridges and that is because Zingara came into this industry with the first fly bridge and design. Normally all catamarans have a side walk along the deck on both sides of the cockpit/salon area so that crew can work around the catamaran when docking. Not Zingara, the designer decided to use all the side space for the interior of the catamaran making Zingara as large inside as a 95 foot catamaran and this way they created that fly-bridge so the crew can still work around the catamaran when docking.

The interior is finished with ostrich leather which is super impressive. The raise dining areas is impressive just by itself. Now this catamaran can sleep 10 guests in 5 walk-around beds in wonderful cabins. The master is so big the designer could have made 2 cabins. The chef on board provides world-class cuisine for top guests.

#4 Viking Dream 57 ft

Viking Dream is a 47 foot high-end luxury catamaran run by owners Mark and Sally who are an exceptional couple. Mark sets up various tropical drinks as well as various games for guests to play. An example is for guests to wear their famous Viking hats, hold one full glass of beer on one hand and doggie paddle around the catamaran with the winner getting a special prize.

Sally brings her talent to the dinner table, she can do almost any international cuisine but she likes to impress guests with her special dishes as well as custom prepare all meals for guests. Her bread is baked on board and she like fresh produce she can get at various stores and friends homes. VIKING DREAM has 3 queen cabins. Another top crew and catamaran.

#5 Green Flash 48 ft

Green Flash is named after the phenomenon that occurs when the sun sets behind the clear horizon. The last quarter of the sun changes into a lime green this is what sailors call the green Flash. I think it is the yellow of the sun and the blue water that gives us the speedy change. Green Flash is a popular luxury catamaran because of this absolutely charming captain and chef team.

Captain Arthur and lovely Sherri have grand children, so they are excellent with children and love adult couples. Both are fun to enjoy for any length of time, their knowledge of the islands is excellent and Sherri is a serious cuisine queen who knows here California wines backward. This catamaran smells brand new she looks brand new yet she is not, but fine testament to this crew they keep Green Flash perfect for guests.

#6 Caribbean Dream 48 ft

Caribbean Dream With Angela and Captain Glen here are a wonderful attentive professional couple. Captain Glen has sailed all over the place with Angela by his side, more importantly he is a lovely man to be around with. Angela is an award winning cuisine queen, she has won a few awards for cuisine at the annual boats show brokers attend each year. Angela says if it is wine and cuisine you are after she is proud to make your experience perfect. Lots of water toys and designed for 6 adult guests is what Caribbean is all about. 3 queen sized cabins for guests, each cabin has a private toilet, private shower and wash basin the catamaran is fully air conditioned.

#7 Flying Ginny 58 ft

Flying Ginny and Captain Peter have become very popular with his new addition of KC his wonderful new chef. Here is a great fun, friendly and professional couple who are very good at what they do. Captain Peter is much liked by guests and goes out of this way to make sure our guests have all their needs attended to in a genuine happy manner. KC has been a dear friend of mine since 1994, she is a pocket dynamo chef who provides world-class cuisine for all guests.

#8 Catamaran Quest 57 ft

Quest is run by captain David and Desiree Bean, who are charming fun and friendly. Captain David has that natural appeal to most people. David is happy to put all his water toys into the water at every stop and is proud to make guests his "captains cocktails".

Quest is designed for 8 adult guests and is one of the only registered scuba dive boat in the Caribbean. Desiree is one of those people we can rely on to call and personally speak to all our guests before their charter so that she knows exactly what guests wish to enjoy on board. This is in addition to the food and bar preference sheet guests fill out 30 days prior to boarding. Quest carries more water toys than most charter yachts.

#9 Motor Yacht Flame 65 ft

The lovely motor yacht Flame is run by one of our industries top captains David Loerzel who is a retired Coat guard captain and what a charming gentleman. David is fun friendly and most interesting to be around, but certainly has a trump card under his wing. David is also the owner of Belgian Chocolate factory which is run by his wife, his son and daughter in-law. As Flame guests board their taxi at the airport a box of chocolates and a glass of champagne is in the taxi waiting for the guests to draw the curtains down on their business world, your fun in the sun has begun. Now this means that all guests on board Flame will also taste chocolates morning noon and night, whenever you want them. David puts on a special chocolate tasting period if guests wish to do this each evening when different flavors are experienced. Now that is just with chocolates and very special ones at that.

Flame have the best chef in the entire charter world, his name is Gavin Kearney, Gavin’s personal words are "if your guests wish to sit at dinner all night I will keep feeding them". Fine cuisine boils down to 2 major aspects, the presentation and then the huge tastes of each different plate. Nowhere will you enjoy better cuisine. Motor yacht FLAME 65 is a fine entry level small compact yacht designed for 6 guests in fine accommodation. Captain David is very proud of his gorgeous lady, watch the video to get his warm love for his fine charter yacht. All the needed water toys are on board to keep guests enjoying the warm clear water each day.

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