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CatamaranA Sailing catamaran is a multihulled vessel consisting of two parallel hulls of equal size. A catamaran is a very stable vessel that derives its stability from its very wide beam. Most catamarans have very shallow draught/draft and therefore can sail in very shallow waters. This means that a catamaran vacation will give you access to some of the more secluded anchorages not accessible by sailing yachts and power yachts.

A catamaran, due to its multihull, will heel much less or not at all thus making it much more comfortable for charter guests. The modern catamaran is comfortable, spacious, lots of privacy, elegance and usually with equal cabins for all. While the traditional sailing yacht (monohulls) are usually the vessel of choice for the avid sailor, the catamarans have become the choice for most charter guests. The catamarans have removed the "camping trip adventure" from sailing and replace it comfort and luxury whilst still enjoying all the benefits of sailing.

The modern charter catamarans are like you very own hotel room. Spacious cabins with walk around Queen or King beds and all ensuite facilities. Hot and cold water and fully air conditioned all the time. With the facilities offered by the modern catamarans they have Fly Bridge Catamaranbecome comparable to some of the large power yachts and for a far lower price.

Fly bridge Catamaran Charters

The newest addition to the modern catamarans is the Fly Bridge. Most catamarans these days are equipped with fly bridges. The Fly Bridge, a seating and usually navigation area on the roof, is a favorite location for charter guests. This area can serve as sight seeing, sun bathing or even for happy hour. Whatever the reason catamarans with flybridges are now the yacht of choice for charter guests.

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