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SailboatA sailing yacht is cruising vessel that is powered by sails, although most sailing yachts today to have engines that are used from time to time. A traditional sailing yacht has a single hull, referefed to as a mono-hull, as opposed to other sailing yachts that are multi-hull which are called catamarans or tri-marans.

In the charter industry today the number of sailboats (monohulls) available are far less than it was 20 years ago, due to the rise of the catamaran sailboats. Monohull sailing yachts are usually defined in many categories base upon size, hull type, location of masts etc. The most popluar monohull types available today are Sloops, Cutters, Ketch and Schooners.

Traditional sailboats are monohulls and generally refered to as sailing yachts. Sailing yachts generally rely on ballast for stability, and usually are displacement hulls. This stabilizing ballast can, in boats designed for racing, be as much as 50% of the weight of the boat, but is generally around 30%.

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