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We specialize in fully crewed luxury power yachts, catamarans and sailing yacht charters worldwide.

You haven't experienced a real vacation until you have experienced a yacht charter vacation. You can explore the lush tropical British Virgin Islands on a Caribbean power yacht. Take in the beauty and experience the night life of Greece's Cyclades and Ionian Islands with a Greek yacht charter rental. Perhaps vacation like the rich and famous while on a private luxury motor yacht along the French Riviera or simply relax as you sail through paradise on a Bahamas crewed yacht. You are at the entrance of the best experience of your lifetime, here is the most rewarding vacation you have ever enjoyed, a yacht charter can be for 2, the entire family, or any adult party.

Select your destination from one of the three types of charter yachts below. Enjoy what you see and call or e-mail for information. Below are the 3 vessel types and their locations.

Luxury catamaran charter

catamaran flowOur company (SYCP) provides details on luxury power yachts, sailing yachts as well as the ever popular luxury catamaran charter in the Virgin Islands.

The new 58 foot and larger catamarans of today are designed with a fly bridge because guests demand to have the new fly-bridge type catamaran. These catamarans normally have walk around beds in cabins which makes them more like a resort type bed. The world's third most requested New Year location is Foxy's after time Square and Hyde Park in England. So lets' take a short sail to Foxy's on the island of Jost van Dyke, a most favourite destination for sailors.

Here is a fly-bridge catamaran: View a video of Catamaran Flow

Crewed Catamaran Yacht

catamaran green flashAre you seeking the ULTIMATE catamaran experience in the tropics? Only your crewed catamaran yacht can provide the best beaches for you to enjoy. The Virgin Islands is not where surfing is done, that is for Hawaii, it is the deep ocean swell that is needed for good waves and yes at sometimes of the year there is a reasonable surf running on the north side of Tortola but the rest of all the islands have zero swell, so no surfing is possible. The Virgin Islands is known for it's calm waters all the time.

Cappoons Bay: When the north swell is running during winter months, there's a good surf break here. Care must be exercised because there could be a moderate undertow. Bomba's Surfside Shack, famous for its full-moon parties, provides cold drinks.

Cane Garden Beach: Tortola's most popular beach is Cane Garden Bay. Lined with bars and restaurants, coconut palms, it welcomes cruise ship visitors almost daily (in season) so rows of deck chairs fill up fast. There are several souvenir shops and boutiques, an ice cream vendor and a good supermarket behind the beach. Powerboats, paddle boards, Jet Skis and other water sports toys are available for rent. This is a family fun beach; there's even a doughnut trampoline anchored in about five feet of water. Cane Garden Bay is a must do location for your crewed catamaran yacht.

Brewer's Bay: Brewer's Bay is a magnificent crescent of sand backed by lofty palms, which has managed to remain relatively free of crowds. There's a small beach bar and cafe at one end of the beach. On weekends, this beach is favoured by vacationers and residents for picnics, but it never gets crowded; you'll always find a spot to plant your deck chair.

Here is a normal catamaran without fly-bridge: View a video of Green Flash

Choosing a "charter broker" is the biggest decision any yacht vacationer has to make.

Interested guests have one major decision to make when considering a private yacht charter vacation and that is make sure you have selected the right yacht broker, one who has years of experience in the different destinations that you are interested in.

An excellent broker visits various yacht charter boat shows every year, these shows are found in Newport Rhode Island, The United States Virgin Islands St Thomas, the British Virgin Islands, Turkey, Greece, Genoa, and Monaco. The idea of these shows is not to buy and sell yachts but for professional brokers to inspect all the yachts and meet all the crew on all these various vessels. This information gives the professional broker the knowledge to share with guests.

The experience charter broker will always steer guests towards the correct yacht and crew team for your charter desires. Captains and crews have different expectations of guests; some do not wish to work with children under a certain age, some crews love families, some crew teams are more into corporate events.

Many vessels are not designed to be chartered, so their rate maybe lower than normal, some vessels are brand new, and some are 40 years old. Some yachts are mono-hulls, others power boats, motor sailors and modern catamarans. Some locations during different times of the year are not safe to be in and therefore it is your yacht charter broker that keeps you away from these areas during this time. So decision number one is select a charter broker company like - Specialized yacht charter professionals so we can guide you, our guest, to the perfect yacht and location wherever that may be.

No company is better equipped than ................................. Specialized yacht charter professionals.

If you are curious about a private yacht charter cruise in the British Virgin Islands or anywhere else, just drop us an e-mail at charters@specialized-yacht-charters.com or call us at 954-720-0475 we would be delighted to get the details to you. Some guests want us to keep in touch with them each 6 months or with updates on the new vessels entering different locations, if you would like us to do this please e-mail us, it would be our pleasure to do so. The best special we have heard of today is detailed in our special section.

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