Unique opportunity "only" for Specialized yacht charter VIP Guests

Our company is not in business to look for those so called Special rates for guests, if we do find genuine special rates then our guests will enjoy that saving. Our position is to establish the right vessel and the correct crew team for our guests, saving $500 is not what we aim to do. Naturally when we hear of genuine savings with top crew teams those savings will be featured on this page.

An example today: A repeat customer called to book the same yacht and the same crew team he had last year, the yacht has a $1,500 higher rate this season than last for 8 guests. So approaching the owner and asking for the same rate as last year is an easy telephone call to do without mentioning a word to our client. I always ask the owner to honor a lower rate for my clients who repeat on the same boat and generally owners agree, so the second charter is a lower rate than the first - it all depends on the owner, but I like winning for my guests. The client was about to pay the full rate, but a call to him saying the owner had agreed to do his charter for his party for the same rate as last year. This makes a happy client. These are REAL specials we can easily do, because we all know the guests are on the same vessel with the same crew as one year back.

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