Dine at Seven Five Star Restaurants in One Week

Private Yacht Cuisine Rivals 5 Stars. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seven Five Star establishments have been reserved exclusively for you and your guests. There are no menus and each guests' meal is being handcrafted by a world class trained chef while the rest of the white-gloved staff are focused on creating an absolutely divine dining experience for you. It doesnt matter if you charter a power yacht, catamaran or a monohull sailing yacht you will enjoy scrumptious and delightful cuisine that is paired perfectly with a fine wine chosen expertly by your sommelier.

Laurel Evans, a cookbook author and food writer in the USA, best defines what to expect from your chef on a luxurious yacht vacation. "For me, a true fine dining experience must include some eye-widening element of surprise. Something in the menu, the presentation, the atmosphere and the flavors should startle my senses into paying undivided attention to the moment. If a dish can make me laugh out loud, in amused stupefaction and delight, I consider myself finely dined."

Fine dining at its very best with delectable cuisine is what you can expect on a daily basis during the entire time that you are on your power boat charter. At every meal your chef will prepare your favorite foods using only the finest and freshest ingredients and perhaps you are seeking new and tantalizing foods that you have always wanted to try but may never found them offered on any menu.

Have you ever tried braised rabbit with pears and turnips, or oven roasted bacon wrapped quail, or even clams and chorizo sausage cataplana?

Do you have a penchant for sweets? Perhaps you'd like to try "Death by Chocolate" with a crème Anglaise sauce, or caramelized banana spring rolls with a caramel sauce, or a dark chocolate and mascarpone layered mouse served in a chilled martini glass with cookie cigar? Whatever you like, whenever you like -just let the captain and chef know and they will do their best to make sure that you get it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time over lunch with Chef Joseph Stiles, an award-winning chef on the luxurious 120' motor yacht Freedom. Chef Joseph was trained at the acclaimed Western Culinary Institute, a Le Cordon Bleu accredited school in Portland, Oregon. It was a slightly one sided conversation as I kept busy sampling the various dishes he prepared so I could experience first hand his culinary skills. It was during this lopsided conversation that he told me that 'pastries and sauces' are his best-kept secrets. One of his accolades includes winning the 'Best Entree' in the Taste of St. Croix.

Joseph brings his passion for food and wine to the intimate setting of Freedom. He strongly believes that "simple food prepared to perfection is the mother of all foods".

Yacht owners are very successful and wealthy individuals who want and demand the best for themselves and their families. That definitely includes selecting the very best captain, personal chef and crew to serve on their boats. Each owner has his or her own preferences and tastes but the one thing these yacht owners have in common is that they want and demand the very best chefs. Having a a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef on your yacht is a feather in an owner's cap and just one of many pleasures you will experience on a glamorous and luxurious yacht charter holiday.

You, our guest reap the rewards of the owner's success and none of the responsibilities by being treated as if you were the owner yourself. A magnificently elegant yacht, incredible foods prepared by a personal chef, a skilled and knowledgeable captain and an attentive crew that is available 24 hours a day makes for an unbelievable indulgence.

So how does one let the captain and crew know what you like to eat, what wines and liquor to have on board, where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there? You tell them. About 2 weeks before your charter vacation begins you are sent a Food and Beverage Preference questionnaire to fill out. It is on this form where each person gets to select their choices foods, drinks, snacks. Any special needs/requests as well as any dietary restrictions or requirements.

Also you can indicate to the captain crew what level and types of activity in which you'd like to be engaged whether laid back, active or even spontaneous, early or late risers, places you'd like to see, etc. About 10 days prior to your charter, the captain of your yacht will call you to discuss your upcoming holiday and answer any questions you may have. Let him know if you plan to celebrate a special occasion. By letting the crews know in advance they can make the appropriate plans to ensure your celebration will be extraordinary.

Every tasty morsel served to you will be delightful whether it is a fabulous five course meal or canopies and h'ordoerves your food will always be exquisite. Now add in superb service and a personalized menu, the mouth-watering cuisine aboard a super yacht is the epitome of gourmet dining. Whether it’s a formal meal in the yachts' dinning room with fine crystal and delicate bone china or an informal alfresco lunch on the sundeck, your chef caters to your every food requirement including any dietary restrictions such as kosher, vegetarian or gluten free.

There are many wonders that a private yacht charter has to offer including custom itineraries, attentive staffs, private chefs, sommeliers and all the water toys and activities to keep you engaged and entertained during your enchanted holiday. Whether you are taking in the Cannes Film Festival, island hopping in the Caribbean, shopping Nice or exploring the enchanted Greek Islands, it's always better while on a luxurious power yacht, catamaran or sailing yacht.

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