1. Your first private yacht charter will change your life forever. No more staying at one hotel for your entire vacation, now you can hop from island to island in your own private floating five star hotel. Your family is with you everyday snorkeling, water skiing, tubing, floating on a floating mat or exploring uninhabited islands in the sun.

    Your adult friends are enjoying the night life with island steel bands on different islands, golfing or shopping at pastel colored shops under coconut palms.

    Your corporate group can enjoy a rewarding vacation for working a long successful year. This experience is getting lost in Mother Natures arms, warm Virgin Island waters, crystal clear, tanning in the sun, picking up shells on a foot print free white beach lined with coconut palms.

  2. Smart guests have one major decision to make and that is selecting the right broker to represent them. The service from the broker to the guests is totally Free, brokers are paid by the owner of the various yachts. Brokers should be unbiased as we remain, our goal is to treat the guest as number one at all times.

  3. Magnificent value for 6 adults, or a family, even corporate party. Example: FLAME is a wonderful entry level first timers power yacht for 6 guests and the cost today is only $15,500 all inclusive when paid before May 30, 2013, so save $1,000 now before the rates are raised. Watch the FLAME VIDEO. Captain David is a charming gentleman from the coastguard so we have a man who knows what he is doing. David also owns that family Belgium chocolate factory in St Thomas so here is a yacht with the world's best cuisine and chocolates for all guests.

  4. Family bonding with your children cannot be better on board one of our fully crewed charter yachts because your children are with you all day everyday. Mom and Dad can snorkel with their captain and their children at the same time, the kids and the adults can explore uninhabited islands. Everything can be done together, water sports at every anchorage, at 8 pm after the children have enjoyed their dinner, they typically wonder off to bed absolutely tired from a breath taking day. They sleep right through the night. You may also wish to take your parents on a special adventure in appreciation for going without all those years to make your life better than they had.

  5. The British Virgin Islands is described as Natures little secrets and it is. This is where all guests should do their first private yacht charter vacation. Guests can see islands around them when they are sailing which is a subconscious comfort zone we all need when on a boat. The situation of each island means the oceans swell does not penetrate inside the Sir Francis Drake Channel so guests are totally protected.

  6. Taking a private yacht charter cruise means you are stepping into a vacation that never crossed your mind before, the excitement of doing something new is invigorating. Did you know that a one man submarine can be rented in the Virgin Islands at $100 a pop and the water is crystal clear. Once you snorkel on the outside of a barrier reef you will know why it is called that. The live coral faces the open water to attract the right food, as they grow the calcium from their past bodies washes behind them and it is this white calcium that gives us that shallow water that looks turquoise.

  7. Ship wrecks can be explored by scuba divers and there are many out there. The Rms Rhone is more famous where she is than when she was sailing The Spanish Main. The Rhone is the backdrop for the movie the DEEP with Nolte and Bissette in 1974. There are 2 others to see as well as pinnacles full of sea life. Being on board a private luxury yacht charter means you simply scuba dive from your yacht with your captain.

  8. Wilfred's restaurant is possibly one of the world's most remote restaurants, there is no one there during the day so it is used as an honor bar. This means you walk into the restaurant and drink whatever you want and the bar here is totally full. When you are finished at this unusual water hole you simply leave what you feel the right amount it would cost you and go on your way. This is Wilfred's Pomato Point Restaurant on Anegada, If you are after a different restaurant than this is it. A 2 mile beach shows you not a living sole or building in sight. This is where we have seen 5 Green Flashes.

  9. Your broker sends all guests a 5 page food and bar preference sheet so guests tick off what they wish to eat and drink, 10 days before guests trip the captain and chef call the guests to go over their food and bar preference before the chef purchases the food for the trip. Your cuisine and wine on board your wonderful floating hotel is better than the restaurants in general and it is custom prepared for you.

  10. Even the beers on board your private yacht tastes far better than normal. Your captain also makes tropical drinks for children. Actually the wonderful chef on board catamaran Flow has a special "hummingbird" special with humming birds on each glass. Have a look at their video: Flow 59 ft, make sure you see that humming bird drink...WOW Basically your private yacht charter vacation is based around what the guests wish to do, your broker will purvey ideas for your week on board and then your captain would also provide ideas for your vacation.

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